About Us

Founded in 2018, Midtown Merchants Association is a non-profit, community business organization designed to promote the identity, growth, improvement and enhancement of Midtown Hattiesburg. Our membership is open to all businesses, institutions and individuals located in Midtown Hattiesburg. We also seek the support of “Partners”; which is any organization, business or individual that would like to support and advance our collective goals and mission, thereby enhancing their respective business opportunity.

Collectively, our members influence new development, public works and community involvement related to Midtown Hattiesburg. With the collaborative efforts and contributions from our members, partners and the community, MMA makes Midtown Hattiesburg a more vibrant, attractive and profitable place to work, live and play!

What area is considered Midtown Hattiesburg? The area from Interstate 59 to Highway 49 and 4th Street to Lincoln Road

Midtown Merchants Association

P.O. Box 16283
Hattiesburg, MS 39404